We have the dogs walked Monday through Friday by David. I was reluctant to get a dog walker at first because I work from home and can walk them myself. I was having a hard time giving the dogs the exercise they needed because I had to get back to work quickly. Without exercise, they were having behavioral problems like barking and pulling. I was fortunate to find Awesome Dog Bay Area. David is reliable and really great with the dogs. My dogs love him and they come home with wagging tails. They have become better behaved, calmer, and are more responsive to commands. I also do not worry about them during the day because I know David is there to help. You can’t go wrong with his service. Prices are fair and he does a great job.

Caroline Mok

If you are looking for a great trainer in the Bay Area, look no further! When I came to David, my 6 month old German Shepherd was pulling me around on our leashed walks, acting aggressive towards other dogs at off leash parks, jumping on strangers, and generally ignoring my commands. Upon evaluation David instantly set us up on an affordable and easy to understand training program, and we saw immediate improvement and long lasting results. We can now enjoy leashed walks with no pulling, off leash parks with out fear or aggression towards other dogs at places like Point Isabel. Her basic obedience- sits, downs, stays, and recalls-are consistent and reliable. She is a completely new dog! We can’t thank David enough for changing our lives for the better.

Darilyn Harrell

Dave has been walking, training and boarding my two pups for more than a year now. (They are the gorgeous girls at the beach with him in the photo gallery). I was SO lucky to have found Awesome Dog via Pet Sitters International after relocating here from the East Coast. Plus, I’d had a very successful and long-term relationship with my pet sitter/dog walker in Philadelphia. Dave has successfully stepped in and found just as special of a place in our lives. We could not be more thrilled. He’s 100% reliable, super accommodating with last minute visits if I’m held up at work (I work in SF and live in Oakland), or, as has been know to happen, my bigger dog unlocks the door, pulls it open and takes herself for a walk. He has also offered some really helpful training. My dogs are both smart, but have very different personalities and needs. It’s also a huge relief to know that he’s available for boarding and/or extra visits because I travel a fair amount. Have I said enough? Because I just can’t say enough! If you need a patient, compassionate, kind person to love your dogs when you aren’t there to do it in person, Dave’s your man. We are lucky, lucky, lucky!


I initially hired David to do dog walking as I was working in the Bay Area for about 5 weeks. But after seeing David’s credentials and listing to David’s feedback about Sunny, I decided to have him do training as well. David did wonders with my dog Sunny! For months I had struggled trying to train Sunny to walk on a loose leash. In just one session David had Sunny walking comfortably on a loose leash! He was extremely helpful in watching how I interacted with Sunny and inadvertently sent confusing cues. After just 3 sessions, I was able to have the most enjoyable walk I had EVER had with Sunny! It was amazing to experience the difference. And Sunny was happy, relaxed and motivated! David is the best!

Lisa Williams