Obedience  Training

Purely Positive Dog Training

There are no Correction collars used in Purely Positive Training. It focuses on letting the Dogs know when we like a behavior they have displayed, by Marking and then Rewarding that behavior. By making it totally clear to them when they get it right, and making that conection with good timing, and enthusiastic encouragement, we will get them the wins they need to build confidence and make training fun. So get your excited voice and tastiest treats at the ready and be prepared to work on technique, proper timing, consistency and how to make Training fun for you and your Dog.

Collar Training

There are a lot of cases where collar training is actually whats best for the Dog and most reliable. I pride myself in the ability to teach people how to be good handlers, working on leash technique, how to make a proper correction, your body language, timing and technique, before working the Dog. Then we go over it again, I will repeat myself and stress the importance of proper timing and being consitent, and will teach you how to be a firm but always fair leader.


Good electric collars have very fine adjustments allowing you to find the absolute lowest setting that your Dog can feel, so that the correction can be more of a pat on the butt, then it is a slap on the back, let alone some hurtful correction. Giving the collar direction, by using it on leash for quite a while, before going off leash with it is important, as is, how to adjust the correction level to match the loading of your Dog and the application of nick, continiuos and vibrate.


Good prong collars have flatter, rounded ends on them, and when a correction is made properly on a well fitted collar, it will put equal pressure on all of the links, lessoning the impact on any one spot. They can also be turned inside out for even softer corrections. Please contact us for a free Professional evaluation for your Dog.

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