Competitive Sport  Training

Competitive Sports

Get your Dog ready for Competitive Sports and Protection Work.

Protection work starts with Drive Building and Tug work. Get them coming out in Prey Drive, with Distractions, before working in Defense, and under pressure. Imprint a Full, Centered, Non-Chewy bite, progressing from rag work, to tugs, and wedge sleeve, before moving onto a full sleeve and body suit bites. Learn how to better read your Dog, understanding and using loading to your advantage, and how to get your Dog the wins they need.

Teach your Dog Scent Discrimination( Bomb, Narcotics, Cadaver, Bed Bugs etc.) From scent introduction, filed searches, and scent recognition exercises to incorporating obedience, proper presentation & handling skills, incorporating obedience and rewarding properly.

  • Teach your Dog Directive Jumping, Fronts and Finishes. Hand Signals, Retrieve or off leash Heeling.
  • Teach your Dog to find your keys for you with Field Search Recovery.
  • Teach your Dog Search and Rescue.

These are all really fun, engaging ways to spend time with and enrich your Dog’s lives and strengthen your bond with them.

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